The Total Team (3T) is a specialist networking company which has high level expertise and is service oriented. We focus entirely on networking solutions and are here to complement and add value to our partners nationwide.

We would love to talk to you about how becoming a 3T partner can benefit your business.

3TPartner main advantages:

  • Make ongoing monthly income by reselling 3T services.
  • Help secure customers into your services.
  • Take advantage of our specialist skills.
  • Add extra value to the services you offer.
  • Allow your team to focus on what they do best.
  • Share your specialist skills with our partner family.

The Total Team (3T) has been in business since 1998. We focus entirely on the networking arena. We have been recognised for our extremely high level of expertise and skills, which we apply to our connectivity and managed solutions.

This means that 3T are positioned extremely well to partner with you and bring together the best networking solutions for your customers.

3T has sourced wholesale agreements directly with partners including; Chorus, FX Networks and 2Talk. We are conversant with best of breed network solutions including Cisco and HP Networking.

With this base and 3T's expertise, additional solutions can also be created to meet new or special requirements.

Our partners gain the advantage of generating ongoing, monthly income by way of commission for reselling our top range of 3T Connectivity and 3T Management solutions.

3T are recognised by companies such as Cisco and HP for being able to provide the skills and expertise to create and manage solutions from a single site, to a corporate network. In addition to this, we have developed management tools and reporting systems that we can make available where appropriate.

With 3T looking after your network offerings, you and your team can focus on what you do best, meaning more efficient use of time.

Our expertise will give you leverage to add value to your business and your customers by allowing you to offer a full complement of services. We offer contracted services that will provide you with a committed client platform.

3T services range from, and include but are not limited to; connectivity of private networks, and Internet services, the design and implementation of router and switch networks, including the management layer to cater for these services.

As a 3TPartner you have the ability to share your skills with other partners and take advantage of theirs.