At The Total Team (3T) we offer a range of quality private and Internet connections for businesses including ADSL, VDSL, HSNS, Fibre and RBI. 3T is involved in the UFB roll-out and can offer a range of products on this platform to suit your requirements.

3T can work with you to create a plan to migrate you to UFB as it becomes available. 3T aims to provide fixed monthly costs for all of our connectivity and management products.

3T Connectivity includes :
  • Custom connectivity solutions to suit your requirements.
  • ADSL, VDSL, HSNS, Fibre and RBI connection types.
  • Public and private (VPN) connections of all sizes.
  • 3T is also involved in the UFB roll-out.
  • Quality voice (VoIP) solutions.
  • Unlimited data plans.

3T works in co-operation with our partners to create the right connectivity solutions to fulfil the customer's requirements.

We have a toolbox of suppliers that we can all upon. Each of these suppliers has a definite fit in the marketplace. This enables 3T to select the right tool for the job.

Our toolbox includes (but is not limited to) services provided by Enable Networks, Chorus, FX Networks. The hardware we use and recommend is from Cisco and HP Networking.

Our toolbox is completed by our design, implementation and management services that are also available.

3T can tailor a connectivity solution to suit customer requirements. We choose from many tools at our disposal to customise solutions of any size or scale.

3T offers a range of connection types and is focused on providing quality connectivity whatever the connection type.

3T are committed to utilising UFB where appropriate. As it becomes available we will migrate customers if required. All connectivity solutions provided by 3T include unlimited data and therefore fixed monthly costs. It is important to note that we provide business connectivity that is not impacted by residential use.

3T can provide everything ranging from single site Internet connections to medium size VPN based networks, to full corporate level private networks.

3T bellieve that to undertake VoIP properly, it is important to ensure total quality of the connection. To that end 3T have implemented a private network with full QoS.